Designed and made in Grand-Bassam, this collection, called “L’amour est le fruit du soleil” and is an ode to joy and sharing. It gives pride of place to African cottons, weavings from Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso and natural materials.

Alongside the menswear lines that have made its reputation, Laurence Airline is offering its first collection for women. For her as well as for them, Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud likes clothes and materials “which enhance freedom of movement”.

Specialist in men's shirts, fan of perfect proportions, LaurenceAirline offers a new femininity. Her wardrobe combines nobility and simplicity, scale and fluidity. The colors are soft like sorbets, with the soft stripes and the numerous details. Woven pants embroidered with Venetian beads, a striped sailor top trimmed with raffia, a red clover embroidered on a white shirt. Artisanal know-how flirts with prints, all from recycled stocks.

Created on the theme of love and its vibrational potential, indigo meets denim, stripes flirt with raffia. This mix of traditional weaves, silk and cotton gives as much allure as a certain dynamism to the silhouette.


L'Amour est le Fruit du Soleil

  • Dress Virgina Ivory Short LaurenceAirline
  • Shirt Romantique Bi-color top LaurenceAirline
  • Top V de L’Amour - Marine LaurenceAirline
  • Retro Jacket - Tartan Check LaurenceAirline
  • Cuban Shirt LaurenceAirline
  • Pants Sandilou Stripes Trousers LaurenceAirline