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La Maison Laurenceairline is a creative ecosystem based in Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire, open to the world. We create encounters between artisans, creatives, artists and conscious consumers, generating singular creations and experiences to awaken a new way of consuming and living.

Ethical brand

The brand Laurenceairline is a social and eco-responsible clothing label with graphic and contemporary collections.
Inspired by multiculturalism and valuing craftsmanship.
Made with love and care in Côte d'Ivoire


At the origin of the LaurenceAirline brand: Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud, its founder and artistic director. Born in Ivory Coast, of French and Cameroonian origin. Laurence expresses through her brand a singular and contemporary vision of nomadism whose essence lies in her multicultural roots, between Abidjan and Paris as a base. Throughout her travels, her encounters and her discoveries, Laurence captures, inhales and draws inspiration from the moment, from the soul of what surrounds her in a search for the harmonization of contrasts. Her sharp and creative eye is imbued with positivity. LaurenceAirline asserts its desire to promote a West African culture while offering a reading that is resolutely open to the world. 


Laurenceairline was founded in 2010, starting with a men’s line focused on a tailor-made shirt. During all these years, the brand has been operated between Abidjan and Paris but today the focus is on strengthening the newly established space in Grand-Bassam, the historical capital of Ivory Coast. Valuing bold aesthetics and sustainable development, the label merges creativity and artisanal techniques in harmony with nature under an ethical approach. Shifting from menswear to a more unisex offering, Laurenceairline creates a stylish and elegant wardrobe made to last. Our offer today is made of organic, up-cycled and handcrafted quality fabrics. Using either the art of patchwork or developing unique prints we present our graphic universe of vibrant and harmonious compositions for which Laurenceairline is famous. Within this framework, the collections of LaurenceAirline sold all over the world contribute to bringing the modern reality of Africa onto the international fashion scene.

atelier Couture

Every collection is made in accordance with conscious and sustainable manufacturing practices in LaurenceAirline’s Atelier Couture in Grand-Bassam.

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Team is an asset and our business grows with them.We are committed to creating jobs in Grand-Bassam.We work with a team of 10 Ivorian tailors trained in the production of small series of clothing lines. Over these years we mastered our team, to produce high quality garments following international standards under ethical and sustainable processes and feel proud of their work.

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"It takes a village to make a garment!”

Since day one, we have collaborated and exchanged knowledge with the entire local community of artisans in Grand-Bassam. In each collection we imagine to create pieces that will showcase in variety all the ancestral techniques that surround our ecosystem. From the batik technique and traditional weaving to embroidery and beading details to basketry, our workshop values ​​and preserves artisanal know-how.Furthermore, we primarily source all of our fabrics locally to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions, otherwise we source up cycled or recycled materials. In 2022 we went deeper in our sustainable development goals and the 80% of the fabrics in our latests collections are GOTS certified organic cottons made from skilled artisans of Cabes the social entreprise based in Burkina Faso.

Boutique gallery

The Boutique - Gallery of Laurenceairline is a space to discover fashion, art and articles of wellness, with a commitment to social and environmental engagement.
The space offers a journey of discovery to open the mind and inspire a more conscious and reasoned way of consuming.

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We invite you to explore our collections, touch and try on our vibrant and carefully made garments. Learn the process and the story behind each piece to make a real encounter with our universe. Furthermore in our Boutique-Gallery you can discover items for well-being as well as artworks and objects. This new space is a place where it will allow you to disconnect from the hasty world and enjoy the slow way of living.


Here time is suspended…

The Boutique-Gallery is located in the peaceful and artistic town of Grand-Bassam, 30 minutes from the lively capital of Abidjan and only a few meters from the ocean. By entering our space you will be surrounded by nature and while hearing the sound of the waves and the chirping of birds, you will have the chance to live a unique retail experience!


Laurenceairline beyond fashion offers cultural experiences around art, environment and wellness. With the aim to share and experiment around creative, social and eco- responsible innovation through significant moments made to celebrate art and our deepen our connection with nature.


Open to artists with the aim of developing artistic projects that raise awareness and create links between the participants and artisans from different cultures, in order to create a more dynamic economy in the region of Grand-Bassam.Sign up to be the first to know about our Art Residency program



Sharing knowledge around well- being and creative expression that encourages the preservation of the environment and highlights crafts and ancestral traditions.Sign up to be the first to know about our Seminars & Workshops


Travel retreats

With the aim of giving every traveler the opportunity to authentically explore local culture and experience craftsmanship, while deepening their personal and community well-being.Sign up to be the first to know about our Travel Retreats