This season’s offering is an elegant and contemporary collection that merges craft, ecology and multiculturalism. All made sustainably by our team of tailors and a community of artisans in Grand-Bassam, the historic capital of Côte d’Ivoire.

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Savoir Faire de la marque LAURENCEAIRLINE


Every collection at Laurenceairline starts with carefully selected fabrics. The energy of our textiles reminds us to slow down and fully experience life. We operate in trust, truth and harmony.

The entire production of each piece is entirely made by our team of master tailors in our Atelier Couture in Grand-Bassam. 

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Maison d'artiste de la marque LAURENCEAIRLINE


We are a creative ecosystem based in Grand-Bassam, open to the world.

We create encounters between creatives, artists and conscious consumers, generating singular creations and experiences to awaken a new way of consuming and living. 

  • "Laurence Chauvin Buthaud is one of the bright sparks of African fashion, that avoids the predictable cliches."

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  • “Brands like Laurenceairline help to demonstrate the creativity, practicality and quality of fashion coming from Africa."

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