Capsule Trevor 2019

Made in Africa, Made with Love

All the Capsule Collections of Laurenceairline

are limited edition and ethically made in our workshop

in Bassam, Ivory Coast.


Laurenceairline x Trevor Stuurman capsule collection is the travel diary of a sweet escape between Trevor and Laurence, two cosmopolitan and African personalities, who follow in the heart of the Côte d’Ivoire markets an itinerary drawn by their instinct. During this crossing through the shapes and journey among the colors, a deep friendshipis born between the two creatives that find together the fabrics ofthis new collection. They get their own melody alongside, their eyes stop where the heart thrills.

The wax transcends the summer pieces of this capsule, short sleeves shirts and casual trousers, by bringing a solar energy. The prints, used in all over in two sets of shirts and trousers, create a captivating ve-getal universe. The psychedelic trees reflect the power of the Africanroots, like and endless source of inspirations. Laurenceairline x Trevor Stuurman capsule is driven by the impetus of a common legacy that blooms in some sparkling roses in the colors of love and life, and blossoms to others territories, other cultures.

Like a wink to childhood, the back to school shirts hum the music of fertile memories that feed the imagination of the two creatives. The bond between the stripes, the checks and the patterns in a single pie- ce reveals their taste for arrangement and shows that daring is always a bright path to harmony.

We share here in this collection entirely made in Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire, the intuitive story of two personalities who highlight all the vitality and warmth of African Pop Culture.