Capsule save a tree save yourself

Made in Africa, Made with Love

All the Capsule Collections of Laurenceairline

are limited edition and ethically made in our workshop

in Bassam, Ivory Coast.


This summer, LaurenceAirline launches her womenswear collection under the sign of Summer of Love. A sunny capsule including shirt dresses and Cuban shirts with colorful and bold floral prints, or a patchwork tunic with retro fruity and geometric patterns. LaurenceAirline invites women to let themselves be carried along by the thrilling energy of Flower Power, an ode to peace and nature. You can hear the sound of Scott McKenzie’s tune, San Francisco… Be Sure to Wear Flowers in your hair… A tribute to the United States of the 60’s and its hippie movement, peaceful precursor of a lifestyle based on love and ecology. Inspiration taken from this time period underlines the relevance of a message turned towards the environment. To create is to take things further, reignite the embers to make new flames. The name of this capsule collection is in line with both its inspiration and the brand’s values: Save a Tree. Save Yourself. The pants proudly display its swallow print, a wax iconic pattern symbolizing freedom from doubtful material concerns. In Ghana, it is also called Money can Fly. A beautiful image from Africa that joins the spirit of the American Flower Power: the release from overconsumption, the return to simple, natural values. In one word, essential. A journey that revives the youth of an era, a wind of freedom shaped to create unique and contemporary pieces: floral patterns with African accents, wide cuts borrowed from menswear, like the shirt-dresses whose volume is inspired by old painter’s apron, with their large pockets on the front. A feminine collection that includes men’s fashion, following one of the precepts of the brand: No Gender Limit. We could already find this androgynous character in the hippie culture, where women and men wore the same clothes and accessories fragrant with notes of patchouli. Thus, unisex pieces fill the collection: Cuban shirts, Castro pants and even the patchwork tunic. Save a Tree. Save Yourself  offers a bucolic capsule full of life, thought for women without forgetting men; and above all, celebrating the harmony with nature. A summer invitation with an air of Peace & Love made in LaurenceAirline. Let’s raise awareness.